Use of a calorimeter to measure the calorific value in torches

In the industrial field, a good design of torches is vital to allow the maximum destruction of “residual gases”. Good design guarantees minimal harmful emissions to the atmosphere. In turn, efficient design and operation will reduce the operating costs.

Residual gases, sent to the torch for destruction, may come from different points of the process. Therefore, monitoring of its calorific power is vital. To ensure maximum efficiency in combustion. In addition it will allow to determine if this gas can be used like fuel by itself, or if it will require enrichment with an auxiliary fuel.

The micro-combustion calorimeters provide a direct measurement of the calorific Power. The sample gas, pre-mixed with a combustible gas, is burned in the equipment. This causes a variation of temperature, which is proportional to the calorific Power. In this way the analyzer provides a direct measure of the calorific Power.

Our analyzer CalorVal, of the American company Control Instruments, belongs to this category of analyzers. Robust and reliable, its design and manufacture have been tested in numerous facilities. This analyzer is capable of supporting the rigorous environmental conditions required in this type of application. It is therefore the optimum solution for the control of the calorific Power in torches.

Simple installation, quick response

The CalorVal is a lightweight and compact analyzer. Suitable for direct field mounting, next to the measuring point. It does not need mounting in a case of analyzers. So it is possible to dispense with long heated lines for sample transport, sample pumps and conditioning systems. The response time is reduced (less than 4 seconds), allowing a fast adjustment of the auxiliary fuel flow of the torch when necessary.


Minimum maintenance

Its particular design, with a camcorder and a fully heated sampling system, avoids the possible condensation of less volatile water vapor and hydrocarbons. Otherwise these could be lost, caused inaccuracies in the measure. In addition the presence of condensates could lead to maintenance problems. This feature, coupled with its simple but efficient Venturi suction sampling system, without pump or mobile parts, reduces the maintenance of the equipment to the minimum possible.

Direct measurement, with universal response

The own technology of Control Instruments applied to the CalorVal, allows to measure the calorific power of a wide variety of gases. Although the equipment has been calibrated for a particular gas, it provides an excellent cross calibration for many other gases, with minimal measurement errors when varying the composition of the sample.

The CalorVal provides a uniform response for a wide range of combustible gases and vapors. Including heavy hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen, as well as many other compounds commonly present in waste gases.

If you need to resolve any questions or queries you may have about the gas analyzer, simply fill out the form on our website and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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