Green H2 solutions, 100% renewable

H2 verde

At Matelco we remain at the forefront of technology and are committed to the H2 Verde. We offer solutions for the improvement of Green H2 production plants for industrial use. This is generated from 100% renewable sources through the process of electrolysis. ⁣Key solution for the decarbonization of the economy.


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Matelco and Adiquímica collaborate on an important refinery project.

A few months ago Matelco and Adiquímica collaborated on a project at a major refinery.

Adiquimica’s objective is to optimize the operation of steam boilers. With this optimization, significant amounts of water, steam and associated costs (such as gas consumption) are saved.

Matelco has had the opportunity, in this project, to put its experience in water quality analyzers of the water-steam cycle at the disposal of the project. Swan Analytical Instruments analyzers are specifically designed for this type of water.

✅ Since the implementation of this solution by Adichemical: savings in water, steam and gas have been very important.

✅ Swan Analytical water analyzers: they are working like the first day, helping to make savings possible

Monitoring of iron and manganese in drinking water

The chemical elements iron and manganese

Manganese is naturally present in soil, surface water, and groundwater. Manganese is an important cofactor for many classes of enzymes.

Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts, speeding up chemical reactions.
Manganese is an essential dietary element for humans due to its role as a coenzyme in various biological processes, including macronutrient metabolism, bone formation, and free radical defense systems. The human body contains about 12 mg of manganese, mainly in the bones.

Iron is the first metal most abundant in planetary mass. That’s because the planet, in its core, concentrates the largest mass of native iron, equivalent to 70%. The body of an adult human contains approximately 4 grams (0.005% of body weight) of iron, mainly in hemoglobin and myoglobin. These two proteins play an essential role in the metabolism of vertebrates; the transport of oxygen by the blood and the storage of oxygen in the muscles respectively. To maintain the necessary levels, human iron metabolism requires a minimum of iron in the diet.


The health risks of iron and manganese

The health risks from iron and manganese are small; however, there are risks associated with bacteria that cause high concentrations of iron due to corrosion. The lethal dose of iron for humans is 200-250 mg / kg of body weight, which would cause extensive gastrointestinal bleeding. Iron intake with drinking water is too low to pose health problems, making iron toxicity rare. However, iron oxides may be responsible for increased arsenic levels.

Water sources, such as groundwater, often contain iron and manganese. Manganese is usually present in much lower concentrations than iron. Controlling manganese and iron ensures that tap water does not discolor or taste bad. Customer complaints, subsequent investigation, and agreed-upon actions can be very costly. Turbidity monitoring can generate alarms in case of accidental events (advances, storms, floods) or by trends and monitoring of the final product. More specific measurements must be made to satisfy customer satisfaction in terms of taste, color or hardness.


About application: iron and manganese control in drinking water.

In Chile, the local regulatory limit for iron is 0.3 ppm and for manganese 0.1 ppm. If the levels are above these limits, critical penalties would be applied. Therefore, measurements are located at the outlet of drinking water plants and / or after the filtration system. Normally, there is no increase in the value of iron and manganese in surface water, however water wells can be a problem as higher values ​​are expected. The client is one of the main drinking water providers in southern Chile.

The main measure to ensure that the levels are below the legal requirements, must be done after the filtration system of the water sources. Each drinking water plant has 3 water sources, but in all cases only 1 water source has problems with iron and manganese. Therefore, only the water source with high levels of iron and manganese is individually monitored (see number 1 in the image below).

In addition, to ensure quality, the exit point is also monitored (see number 2). This point should always have iron and manganese levels equal to or lower than the previous measurement points.


The Swan Chile facility

Many plants continue to perform manual sampling in the laboratory, being discontinuous can cause delays in the detection of iron and manganese levels. The customer wanted to increase quality assurance and therefore switched to continuous online monitoring with Seres OL’s Topaz Iron analyzer (Swan group company).


OL Topaz Iron and Topaz Manganese Seers monitors at customer site for end product monitoring.


Commissioning and delivery of Topaz Iron and Topaz Manganese monitors with the customer


For any questions you can contact SWAN ANALISIS IBERICA,

Matelco appears in the media as an example of rapid adaptation to the current situation caused by the Covid-19

We are very excited to share the appearance of our technical director Xavier Oliveras in the TV3 news. It is a short report where the computerized requirements and risks of telework due to the coronavirus are briefly discussed. At Matelco we have spent years betting on labor flexibility. Therefore, we had all the necessary computer applications and infrastructures that allowed us to telework. We are proud to appear as an example of rapid adaptation to the current situation.

See the video report

We are committed to sustainability

The installation of photovoltaic solar panels constitutes an important precedent in our Strategy to Combat Climate Change. We promote the generation of renewable energies in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. MATELCO wants to contribute in this way to build a more sustainable environment. We think that a better life is possible for future generations; This is one of our corporate values. Our daily work follows the direction of a real commitment in the conservation of the environment for a better life. That is why we have installed photovoltaic solar panels throughout the useful surface of our facilities.

The solar panels are installed on the deck of our facilities. All the energy produced by this photovoltaic installation will be exploited and consumed instantaneously according to the electrical needs of MATELCO.

Together working for a more sustainable planet.

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Interview with Anna Borrell: ‘We give our customers the best technical and economical solution for industrial process automation “


Innovation and customer intimacy are two of the pillars that accompany Matelco since its inception to meet the needs of industrial process automation in different sectors.

Its general director, Anna Borrell, explains the keys to their success for over 50 years and how Matelco faces the new challenges of smart technologies.

  1. With its origins in the company INDUSTESA, created in 1956, what do factors that led to the birth of Matelco are?

In the 50s the technological evolution applying the automation of industrial processes was very stop. There was a great lack of equipment import and there was no domestic production.

In these circumstances, it is when INDUSTESA shareholders thought that the manufacture and sale of automatic technological modernization of the industry was a topic of great projection.

With this idea in 1968 bought the company Matelco, equipping of facilities and human capital necessary to design and manufacture electronic automation systems for controlling industrial processes such as photoelectric devices, control and measuring levels in tanks and silos, to control manufacturing machines, etc.

  1. With over half a century providing solutions for control and automation of industrial processes, what needs Matelco responds in each of the industries in which it operates?

We offer our customers the support of an experienced, highly qualified team able to provide innovative solutions tailored to each industry.

  1. One of the biggest bets of Matelco lies in constant innovation, what is your secret to keep up on all systems and services offered?

Improving continuously, involving people working in Matelco, to work optimally and efficiently.

  1. In addition, in 1997 Matelco implemented a quality system for the constant renewal of the company, what is this system update?

The main objective of continuing certified to ISO 9001: 2015 is to continue analyzing, reviewing and improving our processes to be more efficient and provide better service.

  1. Another pillar of Matelco is your team, what are the working processes of employees are to provide an optimal response to the needs of your customers?

Listen carefully to our customers, see what needs they have and give them the best technical and economical solution for automation of industrial processes; and providing them with tools (CRM, ERP, CAD, 3D …) and leading technology, to help them in their daily work.

  1. Among the list of projects, are services for large companies in sectors such as Petrochemical, Energy, Chemical, etc., what are the steps you have taken Matelco in its evolution to consolidate between these large multinationals?

Maintain important partnerships with international companies, which are technically leading in the products they manufacture. This allows us to offer integrated solutions of high quality and innovation.

  1. In addition to these steps, what other aspects considered key to the success of Matelco among your customers?

Be close to them and work with responsibility, honesty and uprightness.

  1. At present it is happening multiple changes in production industries, caused by the arrival of industry 4.0 the Spanish market, how these changes affect Matelco and what new challenges the company faces to meet the new needs of customers?

We have implemented new technologies in all departments MATELCO (management, sales, logistics …), to be more efficient and offer better service to our customers.

This has been an organizational transformation , a new way to work, interact and communicate with employees to provide the best solutions for the automation of industrial processes and obtain excellent results.

In Matelco we release new simpler and close corporate identity

Since the founding in 1963 of Matelco, we had a logo with which we felt reflected and identified throughout this time, and that has helped us to project market our main business, provided equipment advanced technology for automation and control of industrial processes.

But it’s been more than 50 years and has become a necessity to adapt our corporate image to a current, changing and with very different realities world. And for this, we have opted for a simpler and close corporate identity that we wanted to reflect the new logo of Matelco.

New logo Matelco

Our new logo maintains the original two Matelco corporate colors (black and red). The main novelty lies in the passage of a triangular shape to the current use of the initial M of Matelco applied in two colors symbolizing a handshake between Matelco and our customers or technology partners, in essence, is a close relationship and consolidated.

New web more accessible, simple and intuitive

With the launch of the new logo also we turn to our website to implement a coherent and consistent digital identity with the new identity. This is a new project which translates into an attractive website that reflects the newly defined image with a simple and intuitive navigation, designed to meet the needs of our users on the network.

Matelco new website aims to be as accessible as possible and meet the information needs of our customers and the latest news from the industry automation of industrial processes.

To this end, we have seen new sections as our success stories , a space collecting projects and innovative solutions we have developed for some of our customers, or the news section where we want to take this opportunity to provide useful, relevant and compelling information sector.

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Meet our DAF dissolved air float

Flotador por aire disuelto DAF


Then you leave a video so you can see live how our flotation equipment made of stainless steel, which incorporates all the elements needed to achieve optimal separation of solids and fats through adequate provision of air dissolution .

An efficient flotation

The wastewater enters the flotation system where the pre-aeration post-aeration takes place (to saturate the water with air flow) and (for saturating the water flow required to generate air bubbles). Air bubbles are generally in the range of 30 to 50 microns and the size is essential for the efficiency of the flotation system , as small bubbles adhere easily to particles equal or larger size.

The mixture of water and air bubbles is distributed homogeneously within the inlet compartment where they attach to the particles. These float directly to the surface of the unit and are collected in a floating layer on the surface of the system. Here they are entrained through a special mechanism to the blade storage compartment float.

It is noteworthy that the effluent weir controls the thickness of the floated sludge and is an essential part of the system of sludge dehydration.

Any heavy solid settled and will be collected in the settling compartment system. The pelleted material discharge takes place via a screw without shaft, a pneumatic valve and automatic operation. Moreover, the discharge has a self-cleaning effect helping the particles adhered on the walls detaching and continue the initial flow path.

Finally, dehydration of sludge floated achieved by a static system based on the principle of separation inclined plate and scraper simple motion that achieves a dry solids content 3 to 4 times that of any conventional system . This system allows us to reduce any subsequent investment in dehydration or drying equipment.

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Matelco involved in the “Non-Alcoholic Beverage Strategy Congress 2017”

Matelco attended the “Non-Alcoholic Beverage Strategy Congress 2017, an outstanding event that was held from 15 to 16 February in Barcelona, which brought together leading companies to discover the latest trends, product innovation and all the creativity and the potential is to explore the market strategy drinks.

Matelco was present at the presentation of the turbidity probe signature SATRON, specially designed for bottling fruit juices. A probe for measuring liquids and online real – time, allowing wastewater monitoring, phase separation, CIP optimization and energy savings.

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