Meet our highly experienced and personalized technical service

With our service commitment to the customer is total and exclusive, offer personalized service, highly experienced and tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Our services contracted technical assistance

  1. Commissioning of equipment Matelco

Our clients hire the launch of our teams to ensure a good start of the installation and to avoid trouble and unnecessary costs.

In Matelco we manage to train their technical staff , we inform you of the successful installation of our equipment and put into operation without delay, no last minute surprises.

Proper installation and commissioning of equipment are the main guarantee of a reliable and correct operation thereof.


  1. Quality preventive maintenance

Proper maintenance of our equipment is essential to ensure smooth operation throughout its lifetime.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in this service, offering the possibility to outsource those tasks that can not make internally, either technical or complexity that must be performed in long intervals.

For this service it is essential that you contact first with our expert team of our service to advise you personally about the actions that are necessary to carry out the proper maintenance of equipment.


The annual preventive maintenance service for Swan analyzers

Our technical staff performs preventive maintenance in many plants the energy sector in racks analyzers Swan . We drove to facilities where we change the necessary parts and calibrate the equipment leaving them in optimal conditions for proper operation.

Racks analyzers for water in power plants for the control of water quality parameters-steam cycle are eyes that allow us to ensure optimum quality of the steam used for energy production.

Proper maintenance of them is essential to ensure a correct and reliable measurements .

This allows us to have controlled corrosion problems, erosions or qualifications, among others, that could cause yield loss or damage to such important elements as turbines.

In this case the service preventive maintenance is the key for us to enhance the durability and optimum performance of our warranty analyzers for pure water .


4 reasons to hire our service

1 # Reliability of our services are provided with maximum consistency and accuracy.

2 # responsiveness and attitude when helping the client to meet the need, always providing the right solution.

# 3 Quality and availability of services accompanying the sale of equipment for analysis of water, gases and instrumentation , such as delivery, repair, maintenance, installation and warranty.

4 # Flexibility because we assume changes as new opportunities for adaptation to emerging market needs.


In addition, technical service Matelco has a team of engineers and technicians for the training of technical personnel .

Recently we explained in a previous post the case of training that we conducted on the premises of a power plant to make your staff will optimize the maximum performance of Swan analyzers.

Last but not least, another of our services including our technical assistance are field repairs . Our technicians are on permanent readiness for diagnostics, troubleshooting or solve any situation requiring our intervention.

Ask us any questions about the operation of our equipment or services and our team of experts in water analysis , analytical gas , industrial instrumentation and water treatment will advise you technically to give the most appropriate solution.

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