The automatic sludge mantle level detector

The automatic sludge mantle level detector is an optical measuring system, without moving parts, robust and reliable.



Optimize energy consumption.
Automation of sludge pumping. Instead of pumping at fixed times, pump when really necessary.

Optimize water removal to reduce expensive additional processing (belt presses, digesters, centrifuges, etc.)
Automatically maximize the density of the sludge layer, avoiding pumping large volumes of sludge by pumping water unnecessarily.

Maintain the preferred mud depth.
Automating control of the sludge layer. Overflow and process problems are avoided with this interface level analyzer.

Reduce pump wear. Pump only when necessary.

Maximize operator time and energy.
It installs quickly and easily, without the need to calibrate. Simplify the operation with a durable level measuring instrument.

Reduce the cost of chemical dosing in the DAF or CAF flotation system
Optimize the adjustment of the flocculant precipitate (floc) process and the coagulant dose control.


In municipal water treatment plants (ETAP) and municipal and industrial wastewater (WWTP).

  • Primary and secondary clarifiers
  • Inclined plate clarifiers / separators (Lamellars)
  • Dissolved air flotation tanks (DAF) or cavitation air (CAF)
  • Tank Decantation / Control Decantation.
  • Extraction of minerals such as iron, zinc, copper …
  • Industrial process + clarification of wastewater as in the paper, chemical industry …
  • Batch sequential reactor (SBR)
  • Settling tanks


The LED light beam automatically adjusts its intensity to detect sludge coverage and supernatant interface levels in primary or secondary sludge, or in light flocs

  • The detection of the mud level interface is not distorted by the curved walls of the tanks with lamellae
  • Advanced Self Diagnosis
  • Ultra high intensity infrared rays
  • Automatic beam intensity control
  • Linear 4-20 mA output with mud interface level depth
  • Relays of set point for the depth of the high and low sludge layer

Ask us any questions about the operation of this analyzer and our team of experts in water analytics will advise you technically. Send your email from the contact section.

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