For the quality ISO 9001:2015

Gestión de la calidad según la ISO 9001:2015

More than 20 years in Matelco implement the management system ISO 9001 . It was 1997, and the goal was to increase customer satisfaction while unequivocally demonstrate our ability to deliver products and services according to their expectations.

Time has passed. Changes have happened, advances, there are new needs of our customers, and Matelco continue to work with the main objective of maintaining the ISO 9001: 2015 . So we continue analyzing, reviewing and improving our processes to find new ways to remain efficient and provide better and optimal service to our customers.

In this regard, we have worked Matelco seven principles of quality management , perfecting and improving them, which are as follows:

  1. Customer focus: to understand their needs and expectations, and dedicating resources to learn more about how to meet them .


  1. Leadership: creating the conditions for people to get involved, guided by the same objectives.


  1. Commitment of people working in Matelco: committed at all levels is essential to enhance their ability to create and deliver value to the organization.


  1. Process approach: streamlining the functioning of MATELCO, optimizing our processes to achieve better results.


  1. Continuous improvement at all levels of the organization, setting new goals and objectives that conduct a significant improvement steadily.


  1. Making decisions based on analysis and evaluation of data in order to get the best conclusions and actions to follow.


  1. Managing relationships with our customers and suppliers. Because we greatly appreciate your feedback, we listen to each and every one of your requests, applications and suggestions for improvement.


Thus in Matelco we remain committed to quality, implementing the new ISO 9001: 2015. Involving each and every one of our employees, strategies, actions and visions of MATELCO. Implementing continuous improvement in all our areas. This is our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Prevention of legionellosis in industrial facilities from water analysis

  1. Legionella
  2. Major outbreaks of legionella infection
  3. The importance of preventive measures against legionella



It is a bacteria present in surface waters such as rivers, lakes and ponds. Since these natural reservoirs bacteria happens to colonize supply systems of cities, and through the distribution network water is incorporated into healthcare systems water (cold or hot) or others that require water to operate and can generating aerosols.

These are usually facilities that sometimes favor water stagnation and accumulation of products that nourish these bacteria, such as sludges, organic material, corrosion material and amoebas, forming a biolayer newly.

At certain temperatures, this biofilm favors the multiplication of legionella turning it into a source of infection for humans. Especially if a producer mechanism reaches aerosol, where bacteria can spread and for people to become ill when inhaled with contaminated aerosol.


Major outbreaks of legionella infection

Facilities identified as a source of infection most common forms are:

  • Systems hot water: mains and tanks, accumulators, boilers, heaters,
  • Domestic cold water systems: mains and tanks, accumulators, tanks, cisterns, tanks, wells …
  • Cooling towers
  • evaporative condensers
  • Air conditioning ducts
  • Respiratory therapy as respirators and nebulisers
  • humidifiers
  • heated pools, with or without movement
  • thermal baths
  • Decorative fountains
  • Irrigation systems
  • firefighting equipment
  • Cooling elements outdoor aerosolization
  • Other devices that can collect water and aerosolizarla


The importance of prevention and control of legionella in industrial installations

Measures to prevent legionella focus on avoiding conditions favoring colonization, proliferation and dispersed, such as temperature, water stagnation and accumulation of substrates.

In April 2017, the CTN 100 AENOR UNE 100030 updated on the criteria to be considered for the prevention and control of bacteria legionella at certain facilities and equipment located in buildings, to avoid the risk of legionella infection; a disease that can be fatal.

These criteria are focused on proper maintenance of the elements of each installation, eliminating and reducing the dirty areas that can serve as food for bacteria by water treatment. A daily tasks installation according to control levels of free chlorine, pH, turbidity, conductivity, and biocide in a representative number of installation points.

In this regard and in order to provide antimicrobial protection, Matelco has portable chlorine analyzers continuously measuring free chlorine, combined chlorine and total chlorine and turbidity analyzers, conductivity … .garantizando the required level by regulations.

Because health is first.

Flow meters for municipal wastewater treatment plants

caudalímetros para depuradoras

In order to preserve the environment, in cities and towns, where there agglomerations have been implemented sanitation systems formed by networks of sewage and rainwater collecting and sending the effluent to be treated into the treatment plants (WWTP). It is therefore essential to have appropriate means, such as flowmeters, to quantify the amount of wastewater and rainwater in the inlet and outlet of the WWTP

Our services contracted technical assistance

The flowmeters are highly relevant because there are regulations such as the Order ARM / 1312/2009 of 20 May that requires installing and maintaining measurement systems to ensure information on the flow of water used and discharges to public water.

In the management of the treatment (STPs), it is important to know parameters indicating the proper functioning of the plant, as the flow of input and output process control of wastewater treatment by appropriate instrumentation …, all to coordinate subsequent actions.

In addition, measurements made by a flowmeter are useful for the control of consumption, making it easy for the operator to adjust the entire process

What we suggest flowmeter?

For flow measurement in EDAR, one of our most used for their accuracy and reliability methods is an ultrasonic transit time flowmeter.

Normally the input and output networks are constituted by ducts of circular cross section, oval or composed. The drawing is an example of oval duct where three cords (6 sensors) are installed. In the installation, it is better to seal the probes and cables within the walls of the pipe, so that as waste plastics, entrained with effluent not adhere to them.

Flowmeter performance is dependent on the number of strings installed at the point of measurement up to eight strings are possible. It is also very important to have enough straight sections and accurate reading section. If these conditions occur, the measurement uncertainty can be less than 5% for this type of application.

Advantages of the flowmeter

1 # we use probes with different frequencies depending on the section. Low frequency probes are designed for larger widths and high frequency for the background.

2 # If the duct geometry is not uniform can define its section using a matrix of 20 points.

3 # The flowmeter has an excellent reproducibility.

4 # And the municipalities reduce costs because it is actually paid by the discharge flow rate and not by the inflow to the station, which is always greater.


In addition, technical service Matelco has a team of engineers and technicians for the training of technical personnel .

Recently we explained in a previous post the case of training that we conducted on the premises of a power plant to make your staff will optimize the maximum performance of Swan analyzers.

Last but not least, another of our services including our technical assistance are field repairs . Our technicians are on permanent readiness for diagnostics, troubleshooting or solve any situation requiring our intervention.


Contact our team to learn more about the measurement of wastewater flow in sewer systems and propose your best option flowmeters.

Meet our highly experienced and personalized technical service

With our service commitment to the customer is total and exclusive, offer personalized service, highly experienced and tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Our services contracted technical assistance

  1. Commissioning of equipment Matelco

Our clients hire the launch of our teams to ensure a good start of the installation and to avoid trouble and unnecessary costs.

In Matelco we manage to train their technical staff , we inform you of the successful installation of our equipment and put into operation without delay, no last minute surprises.

Proper installation and commissioning of equipment are the main guarantee of a reliable and correct operation thereof.


  1. Quality preventive maintenance

Proper maintenance of our equipment is essential to ensure smooth operation throughout its lifetime.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in this service, offering the possibility to outsource those tasks that can not make internally, either technical or complexity that must be performed in long intervals.

For this service it is essential that you contact first with our expert team of our service to advise you personally about the actions that are necessary to carry out the proper maintenance of equipment.


The annual preventive maintenance service for Swan analyzers

Our technical staff performs preventive maintenance in many plants the energy sector in racks analyzers Swan . We drove to facilities where we change the necessary parts and calibrate the equipment leaving them in optimal conditions for proper operation.

Racks analyzers for water in power plants for the control of water quality parameters-steam cycle are eyes that allow us to ensure optimum quality of the steam used for energy production.

Proper maintenance of them is essential to ensure a correct and reliable measurements .

This allows us to have controlled corrosion problems, erosions or qualifications, among others, that could cause yield loss or damage to such important elements as turbines.

In this case the service preventive maintenance is the key for us to enhance the durability and optimum performance of our warranty analyzers for pure water .


4 reasons to hire our service

1 # Reliability of our services are provided with maximum consistency and accuracy.

2 # responsiveness and attitude when helping the client to meet the need, always providing the right solution.

# 3 Quality and availability of services accompanying the sale of equipment for analysis of water, gases and instrumentation , such as delivery, repair, maintenance, installation and warranty.

4 # Flexibility because we assume changes as new opportunities for adaptation to emerging market needs.


In addition, technical service Matelco has a team of engineers and technicians for the training of technical personnel .

Recently we explained in a previous post the case of training that we conducted on the premises of a power plant to make your staff will optimize the maximum performance of Swan analyzers.

Last but not least, another of our services including our technical assistance are field repairs . Our technicians are on permanent readiness for diagnostics, troubleshooting or solve any situation requiring our intervention.

Ask us any questions about the operation of our equipment or services and our team of experts in water analysis , analytical gas , industrial instrumentation and water treatment will advise you technically to give the most appropriate solution.

Matelco teach engineers how to optimize the performance of their analyzers for pure water

SWAN analyzers mark on a power plant

Our service has a team of qualified engineers and technicians, specially trained for the training of technical personnel.

In this entry we explain that we recently conducted training for maintenance personnel and laboratory of a power plant at its facility, which could clarify all your doubts in the management and maintenance of analyzers SWAN brand.

Matelco engineers presented their expertise in analyzers for pure water in the water-steam cycle power plant.

“The main purpose of this training was to optimize staff to maximize the analyzer operation.”

The following graph we can see the water-vapor cycle , the system responsible for transferring heat from the boiler or heat exchanger, to the steam turbine , through subsequent condensation to return to the team that adds heat and finally closing the loop represented .

In power plants is common arising problems in the performance of water-steam circuit which are closely related to the accumulation of deposits or scaling and corrosion. For this reason, it is crucial proper chemical control of boiler water, to monitor various parameters such as oxygen, pH, salts (conductivity) and metals.

More specifically, in this formation it was analyzed exhaustively the functioning and operating of the oxygen analyzer, the sodium and silica.

How do our work for pure water analyzers?

1 # Oxygen Analyzer: This indicator should be kept at a concentration (ppb) very low to avoid corrosion problems.

2 # Analyzer sodium: provides a very fast, selective and extremely sensitive means to detect impurities. It is the first cation passing a line of demineralization.

3 # Analyzer silica (SiO2) is the most important parameter in vapor samples, as it tends to deposit on the blades of the turbines can destabilize and damage.

During training, the team explained in detail Matelco attendees measuring principle, the measuring cycle and how to start up and maintenance needed for each analyzer.

The staff of the power plant had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts regarding these analyzers as well as able to participate in field practices that took place at the end of the training day.

Key benefits of our training analyzers Swan

After training, we have observed an immediate increase in confidence and tranquility of staff power plant in handling equipment supplied. This is a key to enhance the durability and optimum performance of our analyzers warranty.

In short, our training provides a solid understanding of how to work better with Swan analyzers and for routine maintenance. All this guarantees that the measurement function effectively, and you have available technical personnel with experience in the use of equipment.

If you’re looking for training in industrial process automation , contact us so we can offer the service that best suits your specific needs technical advice.