Lasergas II SP Analyzer for BOF Basic Oxygen Oven

In a basic oxygen furnace, carbon-rich cast iron (pig iron) is turned into steel by blowing oxygen through a top-mounted lance at supersonic speeds into the cast iron. This reduces the carbon content of the alloy and turns it into low carbon steel.

Due to the high competitiveness of the industry, it is essential to achieve control of the process to guarantee optimal efficiency, maximizing product quality and process safety and minimizing energy consumption.


The oxidation of carbon during the oxygen conversion process is of vital importance to reduce the level of carbon and other impurities.

When oxygen is blown onto molten metal, as a result of the reaction, the temperature rises and a large amount of CO and CO2 gases are produced, causing agitation of the metal and slag.

Here the slag layer plays an important role in binding carbon and other impurities and helps to remove hydrogen, nitrogen and part of the non-metallic inclusions from the metal.

Therefore, tracking CO concentration is a key indicator to determine when the melting and decarbonization process has reached its end point.
Measuring the O2 level helps the operator control the flow of oxygen to the melt.

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Fig.1. Basic oxygen oven


O2 = 0 – 2%
CO = 50 – 55%
CO2 = 10 – 20%
Temperature: 60 – 90 ° C
Atmospheric pressure
Optical path length: 1 – 2.5 meters


Accurate measurements to track decarbonization process, maximize product quality, minimize energy consumption to maintain process control in oxygen feed.

• Optimize oxygen consumption
• Improved product quality
• Better process control to determine the end point of the fusion process
• Improved security
• Productivity increase


The analyzer from the Norwegian company NEO Monitors, LaserGas ™ II SP, is well proven equipment in the steel industry and is the right solution for optimized process control. State-of-the-art design and innovative functionality ensure that the instrument offers
unmatched reliability and durability in a compact solution

LaserGas ™ II SP

• Measure directly in the process (In-Situ)
• Long useful life
• No need for sampling systems
• Fast response time (typical 5s)
• Low maintenance cost
• Standard configuration O2 and CO
• ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 & 2, CSA Class 1 & 2



• High sensitivity
• Proven measurement technique
• No consumables
• Highly reliable
• Easy to install and operate


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