The First IN SITU Hydrogen Analyzer in the World

Anlizador de hidrógeno

Hydrogen control IN-SITU was considered impossible. Never more!

First in the world, NEO Monitors ( developed the solution for measuring hydrogen in situ, using the TDLS (Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) method. The underlying technology has already been used successfully in many industrial applications.

Our new product, LaserGas ™ II SP H 2 , opens horizons to new opportunities in process control with an exceptional response time. And even more: the cost of control is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods.


Fig. 1 LASER SP GAS II (in-situ)

LaserGas ™ II SP H 2 with LaserGas ™ II MP H 2 , an extractive solution MULTI-PASS for applications where more sensitivity or where an in situ solution is not feasible required.


Fig. 2 GAS LASER II MP (extractive)

– The CEO of Neo Monitors, Gorm Ketil Paulsen says: “We’ve been working toward this moment for years, building step by step. It was an almost impossible goal but we made it! ”

The hydrogen molecule (H 2 ) it has been long considered as nonabsorbable in the infrared band. This theory was incorrect and, by redesigning our analyzers , we have achieved an unprecedented sensitivity absorption minimum levels required in a hydrogen analyzer.


“Our new scanner is the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications and, in turn, opens up opportunities for better process control flows of reagents, toxic and corrosive gases,” said Paulsen.


Real – time measurement .

Our new solution for the measurement of hydrogen in-situ , can be applied to any chemical plant or refinery, wherever it is. The industrial sector of gas and oil and other chemical producers will benefit from real – time measurement of hydrogen levels.

LaserGas ™ II SP and MP H 2 we provide control and monitoring of the concentrations of hydrogen with a response time of less than 2 and 20 seconds, respectively. The solution maintains all the advantages of technology LaserGas ™ , proven, flexible and reliable. LaserGas ™ II SP and MP H 2 can detect leaks and increase the efficiency of control processes increases safety.

– LaserGas ™ II SP and MP H 2 ensure us free operations management problems for both refineries to chemical plants, thanks to its quick response and minimal maintenance they require. Our new analyzers can be used to detect leaks, improve process control and a wide range of other applications where continuous monitoring is necessary and accurate hydrogen. Ultimately, LaserGas ™ II H 2 may be the direct reason why accidents are prevented, as detailed Paulsen.

The LaserGas ™ technology has no zero drift, you have the option to control the good performance of the laser and does not require any consumables, which means that the maintenance cost is very low for our new analyzers.

Most LaserGas ™ II SP and MP’s analyzers include:

• Control of H 2 In situ and extractives
• Detection of H 2 in open spaces
• Applicable for complex matrices gases and variables.
• No field calibration is required.

Ask us any questions about the operation of these analyzers and solutions for measuring hydrogen in situ, and our team of experts in analytical gas will advisetechnically to give the most appropriate solution.