Interview with Anna Borrell: ‘We give our customers the best technical and economical solution for industrial process automation “


Innovation and customer intimacy are two of the pillars that accompany Matelco since its inception to meet the needs of industrial process automation in different sectors.

Its general director, Anna Borrell, explains the keys to their success for over 50 years and how Matelco faces the new challenges of smart technologies.

  1. With its origins in the company INDUSTESA, created in 1956, what do factors that led to the birth of Matelco are?

In the 50s the technological evolution applying the automation of industrial processes was very stop. There was a great lack of equipment import and there was no domestic production.

In these circumstances, it is when INDUSTESA shareholders thought that the manufacture and sale of automatic technological modernization of the industry was a topic of great projection.

With this idea in 1968 bought the company Matelco, equipping of facilities and human capital necessary to design and manufacture electronic automation systems for controlling industrial processes such as photoelectric devices, control and measuring levels in tanks and silos, to control manufacturing machines, etc.

  1. With over half a century providing solutions for control and automation of industrial processes, what needs Matelco responds in each of the industries in which it operates?

We offer our customers the support of an experienced, highly qualified team able to provide innovative solutions tailored to each industry.

  1. One of the biggest bets of Matelco lies in constant innovation, what is your secret to keep up on all systems and services offered?

Improving continuously, involving people working in Matelco, to work optimally and efficiently.

  1. In addition, in 1997 Matelco implemented a quality system for the constant renewal of the company, what is this system update?

The main objective of continuing certified to ISO 9001: 2015 is to continue analyzing, reviewing and improving our processes to be more efficient and provide better service.

  1. Another pillar of Matelco is your team, what are the working processes of employees are to provide an optimal response to the needs of your customers?

Listen carefully to our customers, see what needs they have and give them the best technical and economical solution for automation of industrial processes; and providing them with tools (CRM, ERP, CAD, 3D …) and leading technology, to help them in their daily work.

  1. Among the list of projects, are services for large companies in sectors such as Petrochemical, Energy, Chemical, etc., what are the steps you have taken Matelco in its evolution to consolidate between these large multinationals?

Maintain important partnerships with international companies, which are technically leading in the products they manufacture. This allows us to offer integrated solutions of high quality and innovation.

  1. In addition to these steps, what other aspects considered key to the success of Matelco among your customers?

Be close to them and work with responsibility, honesty and uprightness.

  1. At present it is happening multiple changes in production industries, caused by the arrival of industry 4.0 the Spanish market, how these changes affect Matelco and what new challenges the company faces to meet the new needs of customers?

We have implemented new technologies in all departments MATELCO (management, sales, logistics …), to be more efficient and offer better service to our customers.

This has been an organizational transformation , a new way to work, interact and communicate with employees to provide the best solutions for the automation of industrial processes and obtain excellent results.

Matelco teach engineers how to optimize the performance of their analyzers for pure water

SWAN analyzers mark on a power plant

Our service has a team of qualified engineers and technicians, specially trained for the training of technical personnel.

In this entry we explain that we recently conducted training for maintenance personnel and laboratory of a power plant at its facility, which could clarify all your doubts in the management and maintenance of analyzers SWAN brand.

Matelco engineers presented their expertise in analyzers for pure water in the water-steam cycle power plant.

“The main purpose of this training was to optimize staff to maximize the analyzer operation.”

The following graph we can see the water-vapor cycle , the system responsible for transferring heat from the boiler or heat exchanger, to the steam turbine , through subsequent condensation to return to the team that adds heat and finally closing the loop represented .

In power plants is common arising problems in the performance of water-steam circuit which are closely related to the accumulation of deposits or scaling and corrosion. For this reason, it is crucial proper chemical control of boiler water, to monitor various parameters such as oxygen, pH, salts (conductivity) and metals.

More specifically, in this formation it was analyzed exhaustively the functioning and operating of the oxygen analyzer, the sodium and silica.

How do our work for pure water analyzers?

1 # Oxygen Analyzer: This indicator should be kept at a concentration (ppb) very low to avoid corrosion problems.

2 # Analyzer sodium: provides a very fast, selective and extremely sensitive means to detect impurities. It is the first cation passing a line of demineralization.

3 # Analyzer silica (SiO2) is the most important parameter in vapor samples, as it tends to deposit on the blades of the turbines can destabilize and damage.

During training, the team explained in detail Matelco attendees measuring principle, the measuring cycle and how to start up and maintenance needed for each analyzer.

The staff of the power plant had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts regarding these analyzers as well as able to participate in field practices that took place at the end of the training day.

Key benefits of our training analyzers Swan

After training, we have observed an immediate increase in confidence and tranquility of staff power plant in handling equipment supplied. This is a key to enhance the durability and optimum performance of our analyzers warranty.

In short, our training provides a solid understanding of how to work better with Swan analyzers and for routine maintenance. All this guarantees that the measurement function effectively, and you have available technical personnel with experience in the use of equipment.

If you’re looking for training in industrial process automation , contact us so we can offer the service that best suits your specific needs technical advice.