We are committed to sustainability

The installation of photovoltaic solar panels constitutes an important precedent in our Strategy to Combat Climate Change. We promote the generation of renewable energies in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. MATELCO wants to contribute in this way to build a more sustainable environment. We think that a better life is possible for future generations; This is one of our corporate values. Our daily work follows the direction of a real commitment in the conservation of the environment for a better life. That is why we have installed photovoltaic solar panels throughout the useful surface of our facilities.

The solar panels are installed on the deck of our facilities. All the energy produced by this photovoltaic installation will be exploited and consumed instantaneously according to the electrical needs of MATELCO.

Together working for a more sustainable planet.

For more information contact MATELCO, S.A tel. . You also can use our email form from the contact section.

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