Production and sale of continuous lacquered aluminum

Production and sale of coil coating aluminum

IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY OF PROCESS, saving energy and operating safely.


we provide a tailored to the needs of a solution manufacturer lacquered aluminum , starting from virgin coils of aluminum alloys, and after subjecting to a pretreatment process with degreasing, washing and phosphating is deposited an organic coating (paint) with the mission not only to decorate the material, but also to protect against friction, corrosion, water, sunlight, etc.

Given the nature of the paints used during the drying and curing potentially explosive gases that accumulate inside the furnaces reaching easily detach risk concentrations.

Accurate and reliable LEL (lower explosive limit) continuously control helps reduce air recirculation and increase the use of (hot) gases. As a result we can improve process efficiency by saving energy and operating safely.



The proposal by Matelco solution is the Prevex analyzer . A robust equipment manufactured by the American company Control Instruments measuring the LEL using patented FTA (Flame temperature analysis) technology.

The main advantages of our gas analyzer Prevex are as follows:

  • It is a gas analyzer insensitive to effects of varying the composition of the matrix of the gas to be analyzed, unlike other technologies such as catalytic sensors, FID, etc. This quality endows the model Prevex greater reliability and safety of the results obtained and failing process control.
  • Provides a direct measure of the flammability of the gas and not indirect measure as other analyzers that measure the amount of HC and correlate with flammability (FID).
  • Our gas analyzer is a team Prevex easy maintenance and simple operation to be performed by plant personnel.
  • Response time <1s.
  • Mounting in situ