Meet our DAF dissolved air float

Flotador por aire disuelto DAF


Then you leave a video so you can see live how our flotation equipment made of stainless steel, which incorporates all the elements needed to achieve optimal separation of solids and fats through adequate provision of air dissolution .

An efficient flotation

The wastewater enters the flotation system where the pre-aeration post-aeration takes place (to saturate the water with air flow) and (for saturating the water flow required to generate air bubbles). Air bubbles are generally in the range of 30 to 50 microns and the size is essential for the efficiency of the flotation system , as small bubbles adhere easily to particles equal or larger size.

The mixture of water and air bubbles is distributed homogeneously within the inlet compartment where they attach to the particles. These float directly to the surface of the unit and are collected in a floating layer on the surface of the system. Here they are entrained through a special mechanism to the blade storage compartment float.

It is noteworthy that the effluent weir controls the thickness of the floated sludge and is an essential part of the system of sludge dehydration.

Any heavy solid settled and will be collected in the settling compartment system. The pelleted material discharge takes place via a screw without shaft, a pneumatic valve and automatic operation. Moreover, the discharge has a self-cleaning effect helping the particles adhered on the walls detaching and continue the initial flow path.

Finally, dehydration of sludge floated achieved by a static system based on the principle of separation inclined plate and scraper simple motion that achieves a dry solids content 3 to 4 times that of any conventional system . This system allows us to reduce any subsequent investment in dehydration or drying equipment.

To learn more about our float dissolved air DAF can easily contact our experts in the section contact .

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