Analizador in situ IQ² Vulcan (TDLS)

The LaserGas IQ² analyzer, from the Norwegian firm NEO Monitors, is the first TDLAS multiparameter laser analyzer on the market . It is able to analyze up to 4 gases (CO, O2, CH4 and H2O) and temperature with the same equipment.

In this way we could control the combustion (O2 and CO) using the same equipment and simultaneously have an alarm for burner failure (increase in CH4) and / or pipe breakage in boilers (increase in H2O)

The instrument is based on the absorption of infrared radiation by gas molecules (TDLAS). An absorption line in the IR band is selected in which only the gas to be measured has absorption, thus eliminating possible interference due to other compounds present in the sample.

Its new configuration with transmitter and receiver integrated in the same housing facilitates the assembly of the equipment. It is available in addition to configuration with insertion probe (Vulcan), in version for measurement through conduit (X-stack) and “open path” (Open Path)

Minimum / maximum measuring ranges:

CO: 0-100 ppm up to 10,000 ppm * m with limit detection / accuracy = 3 ppm
O2: 0-2% up to 25% with limit detection / accuracy = 0.05% vol
CH4: 0-1% up to 5% with limit detection / accuracy = 0.01% vol

  • Optical path length: 1 m
  • Maximum gas temperature: 850ºC
  • High sensitivity and precision
  • Without interference with other gases contained in the sample
  • Quick response time


  • Combustion analysis.
  • Boilers
  • Process ovens
  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • Recovery of residual gas VCM (vinyl chloride monomer)
  • Gas reformer

If you need to answer any questions or queries you may have about the gas analyzer, just send us an e-mail from the contact section and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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