Flow meters for municipal wastewater treatment plants

caudalímetros para depuradoras

In order to preserve the environment, in cities and towns, where there agglomerations have been implemented sanitation systems formed by networks of sewage and rainwater collecting and sending the effluent to be treated into the treatment plants (WWTP). It is therefore essential to have appropriate means, such as flowmeters, to quantify the amount of wastewater and rainwater in the inlet and outlet of the WWTP

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The flowmeters are highly relevant because there are regulations such as the Order ARM / 1312/2009 of 20 May that requires installing and maintaining measurement systems to ensure information on the flow of water used and discharges to public water.

In the management of the treatment (STPs), it is important to know parameters indicating the proper functioning of the plant, as the flow of input and output process control of wastewater treatment by appropriate instrumentation …, all to coordinate subsequent actions.

In addition, measurements made by a flowmeter are useful for the control of consumption, making it easy for the operator to adjust the entire process

What we suggest flowmeter?

For flow measurement in EDAR, one of our most used for their accuracy and reliability methods is an ultrasonic transit time flowmeter.

Normally the input and output networks are constituted by ducts of circular cross section, oval or composed. The drawing is an example of oval duct where three cords (6 sensors) are installed. In the installation, it is better to seal the probes and cables within the walls of the pipe, so that as waste plastics, entrained with effluent not adhere to them.

Flowmeter performance is dependent on the number of strings installed at the point of measurement up to eight strings are possible. It is also very important to have enough straight sections and accurate reading section. If these conditions occur, the measurement uncertainty can be less than 5% for this type of application.

Advantages of the flowmeter

1 # we use probes with different frequencies depending on the section. Low frequency probes are designed for larger widths and high frequency for the background.

2 # If the duct geometry is not uniform can define its section using a matrix of 20 points.

3 # The flowmeter has an excellent reproducibility.

4 # And the municipalities reduce costs because it is actually paid by the discharge flow rate and not by the inflow to the station, which is always greater.


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Recently we explained in a previous post the case of training that we conducted on the premises of a power plant to make your staff will optimize the maximum performance of Swan analyzers.

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Contact our team to learn more about the measurement of wastewater flow in sewer systems and propose your best option flowmeters.

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